Special Needs Planning

Ending Our Shameful Segregation of Persons with Disabilities

Posted on: June 3rd, 2016
NAELA supports care in the community and the greatest amount of independence possible for persons of any age with disabilities. By Jason A. Frank, CELA, CAP ...

Updates in the Special Needs Planning Area

Posted on: July 16th, 2015
The special needs community and its advocates are making headway as of late. Last month, the IRS proposed regulations for the new state-sponsored ABLE accounts. In addition, the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act was reintroduced to Congress earlier this year and appears to be making progress. As advocates for those with special needs, we celebrate these minor, but important accomplishments and can use them as inspiration as we continue to fight for the rights of this special community. ...

Pooled Special Needs Trusts

Posted on: April 14th, 2015
A Worthwhile Option When Future Planning for a Loved One with a Disability By Joanne Marcus, MSW ...

Some Senior Living Facilities Are Discriminating on the Basis of Disability

Posted on: March 1st, 2015
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) sound like a great idea, and in many ways they are. They offer residents access to the entire residential continuum -- from independent housing to assisted living to round-the-clock nursing services -- under one "roof." Residents pay an entry fee and an adjustable monthly rent in return for the guarantee of care for the rest of their life....

Clean SGR Bill Clears House, Senate, and President’s Desk

Posted on: April 11th, 2014
Permanently repealing the sustainable growth rate (SGR) has been a primary objective of Congress this year. The primary obstacle to a compromise has been how to pay for the SGR repeal estimated to cost $150 million. So Congress for the 17th time in 11 years approved a temporary fix (12 months) to this long-term problem. The SGR patch (H.R. 4302) that averts a 24 percent cut to Medicare physician reimbursements passed the House on March 28, the Senate on March 31, and was signed into law on April 1, 2014. ...

Practical Tips for Special Needs Planning

Posted on: March 21st, 2014
In honor of “Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month,” proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in March 1987, this month’s issue of The ElderCounselor™ examines the unique planning requirements of families who have loved ones with special needs. Understanding the pitfalls associated with special needs planning is a must for all who assist families with children, grandchildren or other loved ones (such as parents) with special needs. ...
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