Elder & Special Needs Law

Why an Elder Law or Special Needs Attorney?

Rather than being defined by technical and legal distinctions, Elder law and Special Needs Law is defined by the clients we serve. In other words, we work primarily with people as they age and people with disabilities.

What is Elder Law?
Any and every issue that these two demographics could conceivably face falls under the umbrella of elder law. In addition to defining elder law by demographics, one can also define it by the common practice areas it encompasses.

Common Practice Areas under the umbrella of “elder law” include: Medi-Cal Planning-Veterans pension planning-Guardianship and Conservatorship -Estate Planning-Elder Abuse-Nursing Home Negligence-Social Security Disability- Medicare Appeals.

What is Special Needs Law?
Special Needs Law is a specialized area of law that involves representing, counseling, and assisting people with disabilities and their families in connection with a variety of legal issues, from disability planning to mental health, with primary emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for the individuals. Typically, Special Needs Law Attorneys address the client’s perspective from a holistic viewpoint by discussing legal, medical, fianancial, social and family issues.

As an Elder Law and Special Needs Law attorney we use a variety of legal tools and techniques to meet the goals and objectives of our clients, and we typically work with other professionals in various fields to provide our clients quality service and ensure their needs are met.

Using this holistic approach, for example, as an Elder Law attorney we will address general estate planning issues and will counsel our clients about planning for incapacity with alternative decision making documents. We will also assist our clients in planning for possible long term care needs, including nursing home care. Locating the appropriate type of care, coordinating private and public resources to finance the cost of care, and working to ensure our client’s right to quality care are all part of our Elder and Special Needs Law practice.

As a NAELA, ELDERCOUNSEL member we are committed to continuing our legal education and enhancing the quality of services we provide our clients.

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