Melissa Pace

Estate Administration, Document Preparation and Funding Paralegal. Melissa is responsible for helping in the preparation and funding of your estate plans and in the Trust Administration process, after the death or incapacity of a loved one.

She has been with the Law Offices since 1999 and lends incredible stability to the office as many have come and gone. She started off as the accountant and now handles whatever is thrown at her. Her thorough attention to detail and excellence drives everyone in the office crazy along with her attitude of celebrating birthdays as a national holiday.

Melissa is also very involved with other clients handling their finances; she’s very good at “holding their hands” or even taking over everything if they are incompetent. When she is not working, she is enjoying time with her family. From camping to working on house projects. The JOY of her life is her husband of 20 years and her two young daughters.

Melissa is the first person you will turn to for any questions you have before and during the estate planning process. With Melissa’s patient and friendly demeanor she can make the seemingly daunting experience of estate planning more understandable and warm. She also handles all of your trust funding needs.

Moonlighting as a bookkeeper, Melissa has the skills to ensure that the business side of the Law Offices of Robert J. Galliano runs smoothly so Robert can focus all his energy on providing an exceedingly high degree of service to his clients and their families.